Rosewill's Charms the pants off Adam Rickitt!

Rosewill's Charms features in the Daily Mail

I was approached a week or so ago by Scott Henshall, fashion designer to create some jewellery pieces for his friend Adam Rickitt who is reviving his singing career. Of course I said yes!

The request was for some necklaces and a sash. Now I didn't know how I would make a sash after all my expertise is in jewellery and sewing is something I would normally ask my Mum to do, especially since my operation for carpal tunnel syndrome. But being the good
Michael Jackson inspired Sash
for Adam's performance
at G-A-Y at Heaven, London
sport I was I went out to the department stores in search for a strip of leather to act as the base. However, leather is a tricky material to use, it requires either a lot of force to drive a needle through (something I still don't have) or its flimsy and looks cheap. After a bit of mouching around I came across this lycra material that looked like it would fit the bill. I also found some cool buttons to use as focal points. Now my first thought was to try and make it look masculine like a soldier from the cavalry which quickly evolved into a Jack Sparrow sash. But when I started added the chains I got a flash of inspiration from Michael Jackson and ran with it.

 Cross necklace designed for Adam
using black nickel findings, silver plated 
hexagon links and a
hematite cross
So I went to Hartlepool a few days before my deadline to meet Scott and show him the pile of goodies I had for him which included a variety of necklaces and the sash he requested. He loved them!

Scott also kindly invited me and a friend to London to see Adam performed his 'I breathe again' single in G-A-Y in Heaven, London in the early hours of Sunday morning (22nd August). Adam was fantastic!! Here is a youtube clip of him performing on stage so you can see how great the performance went.
Now you'll be aware of the fact that at the beginning he isn't wearing the sash but this is because it was worn earlier that day. The top part of the sash was used as an accessory for Adam's speedos which he changes into during the performance, which looks pretty cool and catches the eye.

Imagine my surprise today when I saw Rosewill's Charms on Daily Mail - online. 

If you would like to commission a piece of jewellery either traditional or quirky please feel free to contact me. My details can be found on my website

I'd like to say a huge big thank you to Adam Rickitt for wearing Rosewill's Charms, Scott Henshall for commissioning me to make them and inviting me to London and Sarah Bull of the Daily Mail for a nice article and noticing that Adam's 'underwear had an attached chain, livening it up'. Although I think Ben Kingston from Surrey summed it up better 'The trunks look fantastic surely destined for a big hit!' - Here's hoping!

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