Food Glorious Food!!

Mum knows best.... or does she?

I've just read an article in the Daily Mail about the amount of rubbish children eat and drink in the year. To be bluntly honest with you I wouldn't have looked twice at the article but something in the photograph caught my eye.....

Can you see it? Yup the huge stack of milk that is essential for healthy teeth and bones all stacked down the right hand side. Now I'm sitting here wondering what on earth is this is all about?! 

On close inspection of the 'rubbish pile' there are some other items that aren't necessarily healthy that you would be forgiven for mistaken they were. Such as fruit juices and fish fingers which are rich in Omega 3 and all that Jazz. Turning my attention to the also deemed to be healthy for the heart cereals like Bran Flakes, Fruit n Fibre, Country Crisp, All Bran and Shredded Wheat, I'm left bewildered.

Now what on earth is a working Mum to do on a school morning? Cereal is totally out of the question along with the milk you pour on top. Not to mention the fruit juice! My dentist informed me that too much fruit could be bad for the kids' teeth, so that's another thing scuppered. I think the only thing for it is plain bread and water.

It would seem that the only thing left to do is buy a farm and live the "Good Old Life" of self-sufficiency. Then I remember my Mum's advice on food "moderation is the best policy because too much of anything can be bad for you". Either way as a working Mum of two kiddies I'm struggling to know what to do for the best for my childrens' health, they eat very little sweets, crisps, cakes, biscuits, processed food or drink much fizzy pop as it is.

Perhaps I should have ignored the article but then I wouldn't have been privvy to such useful insights from other people who saw this article for what its really worth. Read them and weep!

Ooo, shock, horror.
has anyone tried dividing all that by 365? It's really not that shocking at all...
- Captain Sensible, UK, 12/7/2010 15:21

Pile up all the vegetables you eat in a year too, it will probably look just as scary.
Half of that isn't even junk anyway. Shreddies have one of the lowest cereal sugar counts. Is that fruit juice I see? Oh, and what's average? My child hasn't eaten anything in that pile apart from a few low-sugar biscuits and fishfingers. Hardly a one way ticket to an early grave.
- deia, uk, 12/7/2010 15:21

Why is this "rubbish" ???? Fish fingers, apple juice, milk .... ??
What are they expected to eat then Claire ??? ... Quorn and alfalfa shoots washed down with soya milk ???? I think Claire Cohen needs to get out from Archway and see what is happening in the real world ... !
- badger, rough bottoms, 12/7/2010 15:20


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  1. OMG is that a tower of dairylea in there? god forbid - I'm an evil mother and my daughter is only 7 months old.