Twitter puts a Vimto Smile on my face!

Nothing more yummy than Vimto Bonbons?!

Earlier today a tweet from a friend who was partaking in a yummy Vimto Ice-Lolly turned into a huge Thursday Vimto obsession.

I have been known to add Vimto to a whole host of alcoholic spirits in an effort to make them more interesting than the boring standard mixers of cola, orange, lemonade. Even Irn Bru has been stolen by Wkd and other brands thus becoming equally boring to the taste buds.

The invention of the Vimto Bonbons has to be classed as a master stroke of genius and actually sell these luscious sweeties! So grab them quick!

So it would seem that I have gained a new groupie of followers on Twitter who also share a passion for all things Vimto and craving for new Vimto flavoured items. I draw the line at asking Walkers if they'd do Vinto flavoured crisps though (this had me giggling hysterically for ages) but I like to find out how you would make Vimto flavour jelly perhaps Rowntrees could get in on the act? Other suggestions have been:
  • Vimto Slush,
  • Vimto Smoothies,
  • Cupcakes with Vimto icing 
  • Vimto Ice-Cream and
  • Vimto split ice-Lollies yummy!!
Perhaps a Purple Party with Vimto inspired goodies would be a great idea. Wonder if the Big Brother producers have thought of such things?....

I'd be interested to hear if you have any additions and even better recipes for us to try!!

1 comment:

  1. I've made Vimto icing...the colour is great but the taste seems strange...

    and years ago they did Vimto Split ice lollies, no idea why they stopped.

    I still think Walkers should run with my idea, it could make them millions ;-)

    I'm off to contact Slush Puppy & Smoothie companies hehe

    Brilliant blog, even your background is Vimto coloured...genius xxxx