Come on England!

England versus Slovenia - World Cup

It would seem that football comes above education these days.... Apparently children from the local primary school can leave at 2:30pm if parents want to pick them up early so that they can get back home in time to watch the match. I could understand this if England where in a semi final or the final, but to finish school early for a group match is just silly.

So it is with hearts in our mouths that the Nation will await the result of the England game today. I suppose to be fair we have more chance of winning the World Cup than we ever would of winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

Either way I'm very proud to be English, I love my country and I will join the masses in hoping that England beat Slovenia and win a place in the next stage of the tournament. Although I won't be watching it myself.... I have children to pick up from the child minder!!

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Friday: The Most Coveted Day of the Week

The Friday Feeling?...

Isn't it funny how everyone wants today to be Friday when it's a working day? Why is it not "Thank Crunchie its's Saturday"? 

Running with the Friday theme here is a photo of my coveted Crunchie Caramel Hearts Beaded Charm Bracelet available at 

These beaded charm bracelets are best sellers at events. This is a limited edition beaded charm bracelet, from my debut website collection and add a touch of something unusual and different to any outfit.

I have fun packed action with the children organised for this weekend, which involves a "Cup Cake Festival" in town. The only thing better than chocolate for me is.....CAKE!!

Clashing Frequencies

The trouble with wireless internet...

So after about two hours clearing my laptop of old images and unnecessary files it would seem that my inability to connect to our wireless server is that we are on the same frequency as our next door neighbour. This will explain why I can crest his network on my iPhone. Whoops. I won't tell him if you don't ;)

Anyways the lovely chap at Sky Broadband Services talked me through how to change this and my laptop seems to have taking steriods. It's not been this fast since we moved house......ohhhhh!

So I suppose the moral of todays story is to ask! After all shy bairns get no sweets!

A very happy lady!!

Many new beginnings!!

Tonight may be the beginning of the end for Big Brother, but it also is the start of the charm shop on my website I'm so excited today that I could squeal! I love Big Brother and will be sad to see it go but this summer is going to be fantastic viewing....hopefully!

Big Brother seems to have a heavenly theme which is great since I have a 'Heavenly Angel Wings' Rosewill Charm Bangle in my new Charm Shop. This Bangle is a 'one of a kind'.Its designed around a standard 7cm silver tone fixed bangle with an assortment of heavenly blue beads and silver tone angel wings and cloud bubble hearts.

I've just seen what the Tree O' Temptation is, how immense is that? What a fantastic story on how it turned into a chest of drawers. Right off to see which crackers are entering the Big Brother House.